Water sports have recently entered the game industry and have attracted the attention of the players in different styles. The most popular games among sports games would be football and basketball games in general. These games attracted more attention due to the two-player game options and they managed to be one step ahead of their rivals. There are many games available online that you can play alone, but the game world needs to be refreshed at a certain time. Creative ideas and newly released games are more likely to be liked in these processes. Or if games in a category have been there for a long time and are not receiving new updates, players will now want to see new games. The world of .IO, which offers us colorful and creative games, continues to evaluate these periods quite well. There are many .IO games that have already taken place in sports games. However, these sports games have always been games based on the same sport or based on the same theme. Recently.Realizing the lack of games on water sports, io games started to offer games for this and to gain the appreciation of you, valuable .IO lovers. Examples include Aquapark.io and DuckPark.io. These games generally had the same game mechanics. In addition to this, despite having similar game mechanics, Flipsurf.io is the name of our game that comes up with a game with a more original concept and causes the appreciation of .IO games to increase a little more. Quite plain and easy to learn, Flipsurf.io is a very nice game for players who are interested in surfing. Because, despite its plainness, its fluid game mechanics, with its realistic and unique structure, is able to stand out one step ahead of the games in the same category. On the start screen of the game, your character on the surfboard and a few options will meet you. In this menu, you will see the settings section on the left side of the screen. It is possible to adjust the volume from this section. You can mute and unmute the sound. At the bottom of the screen, name and gender selections are waiting for you. These options may seem less to your eyes. Considering similar games in the same category, you may notice shortcomings such as surfboard purchase or costume option. But when you start playing, you will find that this is not necessary. The reason is that every time you enter the game, the color of your character's surfboard changes. At the same time, a feature has been added so that you do not need to buy a costume and you will not feel the lack of costume option thanks to this feature. Every time you enter the game with new characters, small changes and color changes occur in the character's clothes. At the same time, your character's skin color changes like these features. The fact that these are happening randomly has added a different excitement to the game. B After you set your gender from the starting menu where you can choose to set yourself a name is required. Note that once you set this name, you will have the opportunity to change it at the start of each game. After determining your name, you must login to the game by success. At this point, a river full of long and hard ramps will emerge. A big finish line awaits you at the end of this river. Your main goal is to roll over as much as you can until you reach the finish line. So how do you do that? The racetrack specially prepared for you to roll over is full of many ramps. Some of these ramps will meet you as big and some as small. My advice to you is that if you are not fast enough, you should not try too many tumble numbers. Because when you try to do a somersault in this way, your stay in the air may be insufficient and you may fall into the water. Another feature you should pay attention to is landing in the water. When you make fast flights from the big ramps waiting for you, you should make your surfboard flat while returning to the water. Because if you fall into the water while doing this, the game ends and you have to start the game all over again. Every time you land for a somersault you roll, you will receive a 'Tumble Bonus'. The tumble bonuses you earn will help you speed up. Because when setting up somersaults, there are 18 people with you and you are all racers. You have to roll over as much as you can and at the same time win the race. Competitors do not have any missing or superior features. Since there is no surfboard and character options, the game equality is achieved and thanks to this equality, surfers in the race all have the same chance of winning. The only feature that varies between racers and competitors is the country change. Each of your opponents from the race comes from a different country and you can see which country they belong to and their names on the characters. The number of flips you take in the air returns to you in speed. The more you roll, the faster you will be. When you earn a somersault bonus, your surfboard and character start to shine orange and you start to speed up. Having a high speed in the game is a great advantage. Because when you advance at high speed, the number of rollers you throw is more and it also helps you win the race because you are in a race. Using the control option, which is very simple to play and learn, you can move your surfboard right and left on the river. In addition, game producers who want to increase the competition among you have put the qualifying feature into the game. This feature allows you to drop your opponents into the water and eliminate them from the race. Using this feature, you can clear your way by dropping your tough opponents in front of you. The good news is that your competitors cannot drop you into the water. You don't need to press any other key to use this feature. Approach the opponent you want to drop from behind. When you touch him, he will lose control and fall into the water, and you will be one more person. If you find your speed a bit low, there is a hint that I want to give you. If you land in the water perfectly after gliding and somersault, you will gain the perfect landing bonus and you will have the fastest surfboard in the game. Of course, you will accelerate within a certain time and at the end of this time, you will return to your old speed. Learning how you rank in the game can be a great advantage for you. Playing by seeing how many opponents you have in front of you and behind you will always take you one step closer to victory. To find out, you should look at the screen during the race. Because there will be a number of 18 people who will write you. You can also find out how many people you eliminated by dropping into the water with the statistics screen that appears at the end of the game. You can learn the same information by looking at the skull symbol on the screen during the race. The game is presented in 3D for you to have a more realistic experience. With this feature, it has become very realistic and the game has a different dimension. Since there are no violent images and sounds in the game, it does not cause bad behaviors in children. Therefore, it is safe and convenient to play for players of all ages. You can increase the fun by playing in your homes and playing with your friends in your schools. If you love .IO games and are particularly interested in water sports, you can play this game online without missing a beat.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

How to play FlipSurf.io game?

  • Enter the start screen and set yourself a name and gender.
  • You can adjust the volume from the start screen.
  • Enter the contested race by pressing the start button.
  • Tumble with your mouse and steer your character.
  • Of 18 people, try to win the race first.
  • Remember, the more you roll over, the faster you will be.

Is FlipSurf.io game multiplayer ?

  • There is no multiplayer option in the current version.
  • If multiplayer mode is added with the new update, you can find and play on our site.

What is the FlipSurf.io game?

  •  It is an .IO game that you have to race in a wavy river among 18 competitors, your speed increases as you roll over, and it also offers you a realistic  experience with its 3D image.
  •  You can play online on our site.

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