Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator

Fire City Truck Simulator

Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator, a fire fighting game, offers you unlimited fun. Realistic designs and advanced game engine that provides a real experience with the game, easy gameplay also offers a different experience.
 After starting the game you first select your fire truck. Since you started the game without points, you start the game by choosing one of the 4 different fire trucks for free. In the game, press the ya F ”key to get on or off the fire truck. You can also check the fire truck and your character by pressing the “W, A, S, D” keys. The “SPACE” button is used to apply the handbrake of the fire truck. After you get out of the car, your character automatically appears in the water pipe. You can start extinguishing the fire by holding down the left mouse button.
 This warning will appear on the screen when there is a fire somewhere after starting the game. You can reject this notification if you wish. When you accept, “HELP” will appear on the map at the top right of the screen where the fire is. In addition, a red arrow on the screen in the game will show you where the fire. After coming to the fire zone, you can get out of the vehicle and start extinguishing the fire.
 As you complete missions, you will earn diamonds. You can also find and collect diamonds hidden in various parts of the map. You can get yourself a new fire truck by returning to the main menu of the game with the diamonds you have collected or by clicking the tool change button within the game. You can switch between the fire trucks you bought at the beginning of the game or in the game.

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