Many people like to accompany toys while taking a bath. The most common of these toys, of course, are toy ducks. Did you know that these cute toys that accompany us while bathing have a race among themselves? We are here with, the game of toy ducks competing to enter a beautiful tub full of water. Lately, almost a game that breathes new life into the colorful world of content included in the site .IO games bathroom with colorful content to make the most pleasant places in your home., which is quite similar in terms of game mechanics with, one of the other .IO games, has a streamlined structure among players.became one of the most popular games. Because games with a simple and simple gameplay are among the most preferred games among players. The reason for this is that they want to play a fun game with simple gameplay style without the need for complex gameplay while playing., a game that meets these demands, is a simple and highly understandable game as a game mechanic and manages to stand out from its competitors. The graphics of the game are at least as colorful as their subject. The fact that the game map is designed with a large and colorful content also doubles the pleasure of playing. When you first enter the game You will see the starting line with its pleasant map., which is not very developed as a language option, has 3 different language options. You have the possibility to change this from the main screen. You can choose from 3 different languages ​​by clicking the language option on the left of the screen. After choosing the language option, you can start the game. Initially, a long, invisible slide will welcome you. At the end of this winding and long slide, a bathroom full of water awaits you. You will have 9 opponents that will compete with you as you slide off the water slide, which is like an Aquapark that lasts a few kilometers. The main goal in the relentless competition of 10 plastic ducks in total is to reach the tub first. There are tools and pitfalls in this adventure to support you or try to prevent you. You will see green accelerators on the road on the water slide where cute plastic ducks slide. If you don't miss these acceleration points, you can go ahead. You can find out how many of the 10 plastic ducks you are in during the race by looking at your ranking on the screen and you can see the benefits. The reason for this is that you can make big changes in the order by using the slide. So how do you get to the front row using the slide? You can get your plastic duck out of the slide by reaching enough speed during the race. And you can glide in the air by flapping wings for a certain time. You should be careful while doing this, because if you cannot land on the bend slide, you will be kicked out of the game. While flying, you should direct your duck and choose the place where you will land. Another thing that has been popular recently is to eliminate your opponents during the race. gives you the opportunity to eliminate your opponents during the race. You can push a duck trying to cross you off the slide. Or by standing in front of a plastic duck fast approaching behind you, you can slow it down a great deal as an obstacle and use these two features to earn more bathroom coins. You earn extra coins when you block an opponent or eliminate them from the race. Also, if you pay attention to the place where you land after jumping, you get the 'Beautiful Landing' bonus and you earn extra bathroom coins. You can see your earned money on the home screen. You can also buy a costume for your plastic duck with the help of the money you earn. The indispensable width of costume options, which is indispensable for .IO games, is also available in You have a total of 22 different costume options you can buy and use. If you want, you can be dressed as Santa Claus or you can be a colorful party duck. Costume options add a different dimension to .IO games. Players using costumes can play with their favorite design using customizations in the game. In this way, a goal is gained for the players who compete in order to buy more rare costumes, and at the end of this goal, there is a colorful feature gained. You can find and change the costume options on the left side of the home screen. I will also give you a little hint to earn costumes. There are some missions in the game. Examples of these missions are jumping a total of 100 times or landing 100 times to earn extra coins. When you complete these tasks, you can be given costumes or gifts as a gift. No one in the game wants to compete without stopping on the same slide. The game makers who know this and act on the wishes of you .IO lovers have not made only 1 part considering this situation. One of the expectations of the players from a good game is the variety of sections and maps. In this way, the game does not have a boring and uniform structure and as the episode passes, the fun and difficulty increase exponentially. Different concepts coming to maps made aware of this feature make the game more original and fun. There are 6 different maps with different and unique concepts in game. You can access these maps by clicking the map icon on the right of the screen in the start menu. But there is a requirement to open all maps. You collect 5 coins by winning 5 games on the map you are playing. You can see how many games you have to win when you reach the tub and win the game. Then, you must compete again to add new ones to your victories in the fun-filled world by clicking on the collect gold you have won option. There are features that want to prevent you as well as features that help you. A racecourse without obstacles was unthinkable, right? You should be careful not to hit the purple-colored walls that you will encounter on the water slide because when you hit, your speed will drop significantly and cause you to fall back in the race. In addition, your opponents will try to reduce your speed bypassing you in front of you. Not to mention two surprise features given to overcome these obstacles and help you win the race. You can travel a certain amount by going out of the slide and flying, but this feature can be evaluated as dangerous and short distance since you go by gliding and your wings are small. In order to get out of the slide, you can use the water gushing from the hole pipes in the slide and jump more easily. There are also large wing machines waiting for you in the air in the lights. Since the wingspan is large and you get these wings that make it easier to fly mechanically, you can go farther distances and land anywhere. Error, if your timing is good, you can finish the game first and land directly in the bathtub using this feature. Since no violent content is included in the game, it does not cause aggressive behaviors in children. Therefore, players of all ages can play the game, it is a very safe game. If you want, you can play with your friends in your schools or homes. is a game that you should not miss if you want to be involved in the relentless struggle of plastic ducks competing to enter the tub in this colorful world and if you like .IO games.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows: the online game şekild E Can I play?

  • is a racing game that you can play online.
  • Choose your character, choose your costume and take part in the plastic duck race. With its fun world, you will present a unique racing game and you will enjoy the competition in the water slides in the closest way to realism with its 3D feature.


How to play DuckPark.Io game?

  • game, which is very similar to game as game mechanics, is quite simple and simple in gameplay.
  • Choose a costume for your duck from the start screen.
  • Choose one of the language options.
  • If there is a map you have unlocked from the maps, you can select and compete on the map you want.
  • Press the start button and take part in the race.
  • Move using the arrow keys and steer your duck.
  • Use the wide features to be the first among 10 plastic ducks Can I play the io game for free?

  • You can play for free on our site. You can also increase your entertainment by playing with your friends.