Diep io Unblocked

In Diep.io you will have fun at the peak and of course the competition. You need to set your nickname before the game starts. You can start the game by writing your name or nickname in the Name section. More than one polygon will appear in a moment. The round shape in the middle represents you. You have to use arrow keys to move your shape. At the same time to control the shapes around you must shoot with the left mouse button. As you level up in the game, you gain more features and your speed of shredding other polygons can improve.

When you manage to level up, your character's features will increase. These features, health renewal, health level, bullet speed, bullet impact time, refresh rate, such as the critical points that will lead you to success in the game. When you start the game you will encounter opponents with different shooting shapes than you. This is quite normal.

So even if your opponent has the power advantage in the game, you can win the game if you are a good player.Diep.io is a game that makes itself more popular every day. In other words, the triangles, squares and large shapes that you encounter do not intimidate you. When you want to improve the level in the game you can use the menu at the bottom left. 15. When you reach the level, you will see the development screen. The top right indicator shows the scores. Even though it takes a long time to put your name on the best list, you can get a good rating by playing a stable game. Have a good chance!

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