Crazy Shooters

Prepare your weapons, Aim, fire! If you like to fight and kill your opponents, you will love Crazy Shooters. First, we have to pick a name for ourselves. Our competitors need to know who killed themselves. I think it better to give it a cool name. Because when you kill someone, our name will be on the screen. We can join one of the rooms set up to start the game. Or we could just set up a new room and wait for our competitors to show up. When the game starts, we will find ourselves in the middle of a war. I advise you to sneak up on your opponents. If you become an open target, everyone will attack you and you will die immediately. We have a nice machine gun. We need to use our marksmanship skills when we play. It very useful in bending over. On our medium-sized map, we can go and hide where our enemies don't exist. We are going to win something new when we move forward in the game. And we will use it against our enemies. What do we win? It a rocket. I call this rocket a monster because your opponents have no chance against it. We have to set ourselves a strategy and collect the most points. It going to be a bit difficult because we have players tied up in our opponents from different places. So we fight against Real opponents. There are no teams in this game. We are on our own. If we see anyone, we have to kill them in no time. Because if we don't do it fast, we are the ones who die.

How to play:
Move with W, A, S, D keys. Aim and shoot using your mouse.

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