Ready to start the game? You must be the hero of this powerful struggle. A fight against viruses has opened and you have to kill them. Act fast because viruses are faster than you can imagine, but cowardly. They will run away from their big nose where they see you. With the needle in your nose, you should show them stronger. How do you start the game? Let's tell. First, you will see a screen with 4 boxes. The function of each is different. These options are included to win bonuses, to compete and to play freely. In Coronavirus, you also have the opportunity to choose your own character that is deadly against viruses. But think about it after you start achieving success in the game. You can choose a better quality hero only when you have a high score.

Let's remind you that you can play both online and offline before starting the game. You can see this by clicking on the home box in the upper left corner on the first page that comes up. There are also parts in the same section that show your nickname and character. Give yourself a name. Or do you like the name Corona Virus Killer? Of course, even if you don't change the name given to you by the game. It is completely your choice. In the offline game, you are playing against the boat. Bots manage all the viruses you see. It is very difficult not to be eaten in this part. In, you have the opportunity to play the game with real people on Earth. You can achieve success by continuing the game carefully.



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