Cooking Cake Bakery Store

A new game is added to computer games that children love. Made with different features and purposes, these games are quite entertaining for some and boring for others. But there are some games that are liked and played by many. Cooking Cake Bakery Store, a browser-based game, is a great game to play with fun content and time-fighting.

What is the aim in the game?

The desired goal in the game, customers come to your cake shop, the time they want, you want to make the cake. You must prepare the cake and deliver it within the specified time to the customers who specify their order in the form of pictures. After each cake you deliver, a new customer arrives and each new customer requests a cake faster than the previous customer. The more cake you make, the more fun you have.

Cooking Cake Bakery Store How to Play?

You can play the game easily from any Internet browser. After logging in, you must first press the start button. Then you will see the pastry shop and customers will start to take turns. Incoming customers will show you the cakes they request in the form of a picture, and will tell you what they want you to do in order. You should do what the customer wants in order and deliver the cake in the right time. As soon as you deliver the cake, a new customer will enter your shop.


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