Connect 4

One of the most entertaining options in matching style games is Connect 4. Small in size, this software is installed in a short time. No opening problem.
How to Play?
When you open the game 'Single Player' you click. After choosing one of the color options, click on 'Start Game'.
After this stage, the game begins. Your opponent is a computer. If you bring your balls together side by side, you win the game. The logic of the game is quite simple. Connect 4 Rules, which is as simple as fun, has the same logic as Russian roulette. It is different from games in which serial matching is performed. In this game your opponent is either a computer or a friend. This is an immersive and quite fun game across the board.
A Different Matching Game
The game can be played for two people. You can make the game for two by entering the 'Two Towers' section. The game, which is simple but very entertaining, is one of the harmless games you can choose for your child. Connect 4 board game is a game that develops strategy skills. When you place four balls side by side, on top of each other and cross, you win the game. The most important thing that makes the game fun is that mutual moves such as Russian roulette are done.
Connect 4 strategy, which is one of the most preferred matching games, is a good choice for spending time. In this game, which is similar to matching games, the balls to be matched are not dragged. It falls into the spaces you touch. This aspect of the game has a different structure.

Connect 4 PLAY