Combat Reloaded

Action games and FPS games continue to attract players. Game producers who take the opportunity in this period, produce and launch such games in a row. The Combat Reoladed game , which is launched by the Angry Gamez manufacturer and is very similar to the CS GO game, is quite fluent compared to its competitors and the game mechanics are in good condition. When you enter the game, the start screen will meet you. You will make your preparations here before you start dangerous battles. You will see many options here. These are the features that add color to the new generation FPS games. So what are these features? For example, when you make high scores in games, there are five different types of safes that will be given to you. Among them, they can come out of standard items, and legendary items. You can enter the game by equipping the resulting items from the start screen. In this way, they aim to do good for those who do not want to stick to a single weapon in the game and who seek difference. There are bigger battles to win the crates, and the players who are delighted to win a prize with their safes return to the game more enthusiastically. You have the opportunity to change your name from your profile.Your enemies that you killed will want to know your name. In this way, you can find the ones who killed you among the teams in other games and get your revenge. Combat Reoladed, which is home to players around the world, has also expanded its language options. You can choose the language you want in the game, which has seven different language options. Then what you have to choose is your country. You should choose which country you want to play in the server option. This way, you will be able to play in any language and country. In this way, the features of the Combat Reoladed game , which has managed to stand out one step, as the games that offer the players the right to choose are very few in the market lately , are of course not limited to these. You have a certain level in your given profile. You will have a level grade that you can reach up to two hundred starting from zero . This rank, which increases as you play and win a match, will give you a certain level among your friends and will make you fear your enemies. To increase this level, you must kill as many enemies as possible in matches and lead your team to victory. The only thing you will gain as you reach victory is not rank. You can earn money and spend it in the gun market. You can improve your marksmanship skills by using updated weapons. The personalization of weapons for these weapons, which players like and are increasingly popular with games like CS GO. You have the ability to customize these weapons by choosing new colors or sticking labels on your weapons. This feature has been very popular since the day it was released and has become a favorite of the players. Angry Gamez, who thinks you will love it, did not hesitate to offer this option to you. Our main goal is to fight against two different teams and become a surviving team. You must equip your weapons and attack the opposing team with all your strength in the game where very hard battles take place. One of the most important points you should pay attention to while doing this is communication. In FPS games, it is known that players lose because they do not give the necessary value to communication. Whereas the victories you will achieve by communicating and teamwork with other team members will be easier. There is a dialog box for you to talk in the Combat Reoladed game , which does not forget to give you the communication option to give you the necessary importance . Using this, you can stay in teamwork with team members. Or you can make new friends and enter the games with these friends. In this way, you can perform more complex tasks more easily. The teams you choose are divided into two as Counter and Terrorist. By joining a room with a player missing or creating a room by yourself, you must come to the team selection section and choose one of these two teams. After choosing a team, you will see an empty city without civilians. There are only wars in this city. If you want, you can change the map. There are 23 different map options and maps that you are familiar with from Counter Strike, which is a legend. You can play from these maps whenever you want. If you cannot find the map you want in open rooms, you can set up a new room and play the game on the map you want. Another feature you should not forget is the game mode . You can choose from three different game modes in newly installed rooms or ready-made rooms . These game modes have been added to differentiate the game and are adjusted to the tastes of the players. You can also determine the number of players that can enter the game from this section, and if you want, you can create a special room just for you and your friends, allowing only people you know to enter. Lately stream broadcasts on the situation quite popular. The games can be promoted to a larger audience through the game broadcasts made on Twitch and the game lovers do not leave the game by watching the games of the publishers they want. Combat supports Reoladed Twitch broadcasts, which is another great option for stream broadcast lovers . With the ' Twitch Channel' option, which you can see on the start screen, you can reach and watch the broadcasters playing the game. If you want to talk to other players by expressing your opinions on this matter, I recommend you to join Discord channels. It is possible to reach the Discord channel option , which has been very helpful to the players recently, from the start menu. Do not forget that our game, which aims to provide a unique gaming experience with its wide features, is multiplayer. Your opponents and teammates will all be online real players connected from different parts of the world. D You must lead your team to victory by killing your enemies . You can see your health and the damage you have received at the bottom of the screen. If you play the game produced with the Unity game engine with your friends, you can increase the fun. Since the game includes a lot of elements such as violence and death, it can have an effect on increasing the level of aggressiveness on young people and cause them to tend to violence. For this reason, it is not appropriate for players under the age of 18 to play this game. You can play in your homes, but it is not a suitable game to play in schools. If you love and are interested in multiplayer FPS games with action-themed shooting games, a game that you should not miss is waiting for you. Combat Reoladed , which has managed to stand out from its competitors with its features, opens the doors of adventure and war for you!

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

What is Combat Reoladed ?

  •                               It is a war-themed multiplayer online FPS game that you can play with 23 different maps and 3 different game modes , divided into two teams .
  •                               Your goal is to eliminate the opposing team and lead your team to victory.

Can Combat Reoladed be played as a multiplayer?

  •                               You can play the game in multiplayer. With its Twitch and Discord options, it has brought a new dimension to multiplayer games and has managed to stand out from other games in the same category on the market.
  •                               It is a successful game among multiplayer games, with almost all the features in CS-GO.

How to play?

  •                               Set a name for yourself on the start screen.
  •                               Set your language and country.
  •                               Enter one of the open rooms or create your own private room.
  •                               Login to the game and choose a counter or terrorist squad.
  •                               Remember to communicate with your teammates using the chat channel.
  •                               Move using the W, A, S, D keys and shoot with your mouse by directing your character.
  •                               Refill your gun with the R key.
  •                               Switch between your weapons using the number keys.
  •                               You can buy the weapons you want from the market.
  •                               Fight hard against your enemies and bring victory to your team.


Is Combat Reoladed a safe game?

  •                               It is not a suitable game for players under the age of 18, as it can cause aggressive behaviors in children and cause behavioral disorders, since there is a lot of violence in the game.


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