Clash Of Warlord Orcs

The game is a minimal war game. Orcs, the warlord, are fighting each other and you are one side of these wars. There are not many alternatives to show your strength, you will continue to play by increasing your character according to the strength of the clans you fight. The next chance for war games can't be mentioned, is it? Clash Of Warlord Orcs wants all your motivation! The game rules allow you to drop your Orcs on the enemy from a certain point. You shouldn't die before you reach the enemy, so the more Orc you take, the better. They will attack you with all their strength so that you do not underestimate your enemies and not reach their territory. The more you defend the Orc, the more your enemy will respond to you. It is also useful to make the right choice for success in the game. Let us introduce you to your enemies. You will see three independent enemies. You must exhaust the power of the Orcs on your left and right to reach the middle enemy. The red bar above them shows the strength of the Orcs. As the red dot of this bar decreases, you have to reach the big enemy in the middle. And here you did, you destroyed the warriors on the small stumps. Now it is time to consume the power of the Orc attacked by bombs! You can do it and go on to the next challenge. Clash of Warlord Orcs will be included in your favorite games list.

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