Chef Hero

The game we chose for you today is a chef game called Chef Hero. Many people are now more keen on the kitchen and enjoy playing it in a virtual way.
 What kind of a game is Chef Hero?
 In Chef Hero, your goal is to become one of the world's best known chefs. A restaurant is hiring you. Your goal is to introduce that restaurant and make it a world famous restaurant. In the first part, the game helps you and tries to help you understand the game.
 In this way, when you move to the second part of the game you understand. Your character has a story in the game and every time you succeed, the owner speaks to you. You can skip conversations if you want.
 How does the game work?
 You start from the first part of the game. Your goal is to get the best score by making the shown food in the right way with the right ingredients. As you receive good reviews, your restaurant becomes more comprehensive. The game gives you 10 pieces of energy at first and you play the sections with that energy. I have to say that if you finish all your energies, you will have to wait a bit.
 You collect gold at each level and unlock the more challenging dishes. The graphics of the game are very sweet and the story put into it makes the game even more playable. Everything is thought in the game. We are sure you will be an excellent masterchef.

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