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Do not forget that you will start a disciplined adventure before starting the Car Eats Car Evil Car game. Here you are both running and chasing. Your goal is to reach the cave. However, this does not seem easy. The number of cars that follow you increases as you level up. You may be worried for a moment, but there is no need to give up. Just check your car correctly. You will play the game with the arrow keys. It is unlikely that you will have an accident unless you go too fast and roll over. Nevertheless, try to go, paying attention to the humps. If you think the features of your car will be in place, you are wrong. As your number of enemies increases, why not you resist with new features? For example, you can increase your speed.
In Car Eats Car Evil, there is no ground attack only. You can also attack from the air. The indicator that shows the diamonds you gathered in the game, your life and your strength is at the top. Do not overlook that you can successfully complete the level. The features such as acceleration, strengthening and protection that the game gives you periodically make you strong against your opponents. As you level up, you will realize that this is not an ordinary race. In addition, bonuses await you at the end of the game you have successfully completed. When you have an urgent job in your breathtaking struggle, click the pause button in the upper right. Since the section is difficult to pass, the road killed is precious. Let's not forget that. If you want to have a characteristic car, you can change its design within the points you get.
Pay attention to the advice at the beginning of the game. The police do their best to catch you! Are you ready? Are you going to do your best to escape?


Space - Bombs,

X - Turbo,

W - Gas,

S - Brake A,

D - Balancing,

Arrow keys - Gas, Brake, Balancing


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