Bejeweled Classic

Are you ready for a challenge in the bejeweled games category? Are you a lover of joints and maybe colored bricks like those of Tetris, or do you prefer to challenge yourself with the levels of Mahjong? You can also decide to blow up all the colored balls of the numerous Puzzle Bobble games, or shoot colored bubbles on the snake of the legendary Zuma, before it reaches its destination by knocking you out.
But the passion for puzzle games does not end here because you can try your hand at Candy Crush-style games, or rotate the pipes of the pipe games to bring the water to its destination, or take on the role of powerful alchemists to create alchemical elements. Precious gems, archaic tiles, sunken treasures, colored bricks, powerful spells, gummy candies and enchanted forests await you in the most engaging settings of our online bejeweled games section!