Boat Battles

Boat battles games is quite a fun strategy game. The game is played in single player mode. Boat battles in the game with the materials given to you to create your own boat. You can participate in battles with this boat you have created.
Boat Wars is a fun strategy game where you can kill rival boats by shooting. You must always improve your boat to be the best in the game with your strategic moves to sink your rival ships. With the areas you have marked, you are making strategic moves by shooting against the boats in the game. In the game you have 4 shots and you must hit the target ships with these 4 shots.
You can make your own adjustments from the tabs in the middle of the game. You can mute or unmute the game sound from this tab. The music in the background is also turned on and off with this tab. The restart option is also available on this tab. You can restart the game at any time and start the battle from the beginning. You can also stop the game at that time by clicking on the game stop button and then start again.

The superclassic of board games in flash version: the naval battle!
Strategy, ability to position ships, and even luck in identifying where those opponents are hidden, are the essential skills to win your 'Battles Ship'.

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