Basketball Game Review

If you like to compete with your opponents, let's take a look at the game BasketBall we've reviewed for you. We recommend you to take a look at this game which is a very competitive game that has adopted the concept of street basketball.
 What kind of game?
 You play basketball in the game. Your goal is to get your opponent without losing the ball and throw the basket before it. After a while in the game you do so much ambition that you can not leave the basket ball. Beautifully designed graphics are beautiful and a game that really makes you feel in a match environment. It has an easy-to-understand interface, so you don't have to make extra effort to understand the game. In the first part, the game gives you little help and you are used to playing the game easily.
 How is it played?
 When you first enter the game, the game gives you a character and from that second you become that character. You are trying to throw dunk or basket to your opponent without losing the ball. If your opponent gets the ball from you, there's nothing to be afraid of. Run after him and take that ball and throw the basket. The dunking graphics are pretty good and you're more than happy when the character throws the ball. There is also a scoring in the game. By raising your points, you may enter the top 100 or even the top 10.
 First of all, you start from the bronze league and your league increases as you prove your success. As you progress in the game you continue as a team. You blue opponents are red. You have a certain time and then you try to throw the ball to the opposing team without giving the ball.
 The playground is designed like a cross street and you have an audience. Remember that getting the ball before your opponent will give you an extra advantage.
 Upgrades are also included in the game. The games progress as you win, and new characters unfold as you progress. Even different basketball balls are opening. As you win the diamonds in the game, you can start fighting in better fields than the cross street basket. Believe me, as you win those diamonds, it is a pleasure to open those fields. You can become a world famous basketball star by developing in your field and entering the top 10. PLAY