Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D, which has a very different style, will give you a different experience than other games. The game is one of the most successful games in the category of sports games. You will become one of the addicts of this game and you will want to play this game every free time.
 Backflip Dive 3D is a jumping game. Your goal in the game is to reach the goal by throwing reverse somersaults and achieve maximum score. But it won't be that easy. After starting the game you need to jump the character by catching the right angle. Just bouncing the character will not be enough to reach the goal. At the same time, you must flip the character in the air to make the character land correctly. You will command all of them with the mouse.
 To understand how the game is played when you first start the game, the game shows you how to play the commands in practice and in writing. You can start playing the game as soon as you follow these commands.
 You give all the commands in the game with the mouse. In the first place, you must hold down the left mouse button to determine the angle at which the character will jump. As soon as you release your hand from the mouse, the character will jump. Once the character has jumped, you must immediately press the left click again. In this way, the character will roll over in the air. When you approach the ground, your character's feet pointing to the ground by pulling your hand from the mouse should ensure that your character landing properly. In this way you will receive your score.
 Scoring system is included in the game. When you jump to the ground, whichever of the marked areas you drop, your score is multiplied by that coefficient. To get the most points you need to roll more somersaults in the air and land in the middle of the field. In this way, you can complete the stage with the highest score. After completing the stage, you can proceed to the next stage. If you are not satisfied with your score then just click the “REPLAY” button to play that stage again.
 Realistic game dynamics and simple controls in this game you will be addictive and enjoy your leisure time. The game can be easily played through the browser and does not require any system features.

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