Airport 3D Clash

A Real Action Experience with Airport 3D Clash!

Indispensable of action games, Airport 3D Clash manages to attract attention with its realistic graphics as well as its entertainment experience. This game, which has won the appreciation of many game lovers, is played by many people. You can play Airport 3D Clash game for fun when you are bored or for your leisure time.
 Airport 3D Clash is one of the most successful action games. You can play the game alone, as well as invite your friends and play as a team. You can play the game against both real players and bots.
 Airport 3D Clash How to play?
 The game has a simple gameplay. In the game you use the “W, A, S, D” keys to control your character. Press eğ C ”to tilt your character. You can use this key to see your opponents, especially those hidden behind obstacles. To jump, you must press the ACE SPACE ”button. You can shoot by pressing the left mouse button, you can open the binoculars by pressing the right mouse button.
 Airport 3D Clash stands out for its simple and fun gameplay. After starting the game you can select the picture that is specific to your character. Once you have completed your character selection, you can invite your friends to the game by clicking Invite. Airport 3D Clash is a browser-based game, so your friends won't need to download it. Thanks to the invitation code you send to your friends, your friends will be able to enter the room you have set up quickly.
 Weapons are given to you in the game. With these weapons you can quickly kill your opponents. But you shouldn't jump into your opponents just because your gun doesn't run out of bullets. Because you have 320 lives in the game and you die when you are completely exhausted. Because the game is fun mode style, you can make your character come alive immediately by right clicking on the screen with the mouse after you die.
 The objective in the game is to get more killing points than the opposing team within the given time. Each man is worth 1 point in the game. In addition, the amount of man killed by each player is indicated in the table. There is 4 minutes in the game and the team that kills the most people until this time is up will win the game. When you die in the game when you come to life again in your own region are born. After being born in your own area, you can hide your opponents in the game houses and catch off guard or go to the flying ramps and quickly infiltrate the opponent's territory. After killing the opposing players, each one will be born in your own region just like you. If you wish, you can kill them before they are born by pressing the opponent's birth zone.
 Advanced Game Engine
 The biggest problem of many browser games is that it is far from reality and has extremely bad gameplay. However, this problem has been completely eliminated in Airport 3D Clash. The game uses one of the best game engines of recent times. This helps you to have an experience like PC games. Shooting and walking mechanisms are also very realistic. This increases the enjoyment of the game even more.
 Airport 3D Clash game has a successful design. The game is designed with a map in mind and has realistic details. In the game you can climb many places and hide behind the items. There are also acceleration ramps in the game so that you can quickly move to the opponent's territory. The game offers a realistic experience, as the characters and other environmental details in the game are designed realistically. You will enjoy the game more especially with the effects of the conflict and the effects that appear on the screen when you take damage.
 Airport 3D Clash is a game that you can play with your friends in your leisure time.

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